Chesapeake Bay Game Prelim

1 List the variables and concepts that you think are part of the Chesapeake Bay watershed system
Seasonal variability in weather, temperature

Local wildlife and migratory events

Tidal current, strength of tide

Local industry, effluent

Traffic patterns, flows

Pedestrian flows

Civic activity, waterfront recreation

Size and number of tributaries

Permeability of nearby and adjacent grounds

Farming, types of farming, proximity of factory farms



Crabbing, shrimping

Federal, state, and local clean-up efforts, degrees of environmental activism
2 Describe the relationship and interaction between these variable. Be specific. State the nature and direction of each influence
Season influences:

1 The level of fishing. This, in turn, affects the number of boats in the water, the number of trucks at the dock, the number of visitors at the fish market and the number of consumers buying fish.

2 Migratory patterns, which determines the number of birds in the bay, which affects the number of fish and avian waste in the water and perhaps the number of visitors to the bay.

3 Weather, which influences the number of visitors to the bay. The warmer the weather, the more visitors to the bay. The more visitors, the more commercial activity. The more commercial activity, the more pollution.

4 Farming, which affects the amount of fertilizer and pesticide in the soil which affects the toxicity of tributary flows.

Government regulations influence:

1 Clean air and water laws, which determines the locality and volume of industry, which influences factory run-off, which in turn affects the mercury content of fish, which may alter the demand for Chesapeake Bay fish

2  Taxes, which affect the level of tourism, which influences the civilian activity near the bay, which factors largely into production of waste

Government subsidies influence:

1 The degree and type of agriculture and farming (see above)

2 Funding for clean-up efforts, which influences the cleanliness of the bay and the health of its wild inhabitants

Instructor: John Quale  /  TA: Justin Hershberger

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