“Thermally Active Surfaces in Architecture,” Kiel Moe

Technics, defined: Collective theories, techniques and technologies that characterize different paradigms of civilization
Important to consider as we pursue sustainable building techniques

Technical terminism too often controls discourse about role of technology

“The technique is ourselves”

The underwriting determinants of contemporary construction and energy practices can be overly prescribed, to the detriment of our profession, buildings and cities

“Technology is socially constructed”: What does this mean?
Social progress must not be reduced to technological process

Mumford: “… the machine itself makes no demands and holds out no promises: it is the human spirit that makes and keeps promises.”

Technology is often associated with progress but it does not manage associated risks: Three Mile Island, Chernobyl, Hurricane Katrina

Capability vs. Culpability

“Machine mentality”
At the center of the deterministic view that technologies will solve any problem. Again, technology / design to change human behavior? Or adapt to human behavior, i.e. plug-in to human behavior. Which is more realistic / effective.

Arguments against technology undercut the insight and ethic that goes into innovating new technology. Understanding the ecological / environmental is necessary in addition to creating new technology, often an understanding of these things is necessary in order to create new technology

Arguing that technology creates a program. Limits the choice of the architect. Precludes non-technological solutions.

E.F. Schumacher
Real achievement lies in accumulation of precise knowledge, not new machinery. It’s important to recognize that latest, most precise knowledge / understanding can be applied with technology from any era, not only modern

Lewis Mumford
David Nye
Bruno Latour
Merritt Roe Smith

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