It’s Cold in Here

It’s cold in here.

The fourth floor of Campbell Hall, that is. Colder than the brisk fall weather outside. Colder, even, than the third floor, posing an unexpected challenge to the oft-cited science of rising heat.

In framing the issue at hand, we may benefit more from asking not how but why? The how seems evident, as industrial grade air-vents at regular intervals blast arctic currents unremittingly, the unseasonably cold air indifferent to the season outside and the bloodless fingertips of students inside. Students have tackled the fierce winds with fierce ingenuity, the latest iteration of an obstructive panel seen below.

More frustrating than the cold, however, is the knowledge that resources are being misallocated, rooms cooled that don’t need cooling, all in a building that purports to be a pedagogical instrument and which houses those students and faculty who strive to be catalysts for environmental change. So the question is not how, but why?

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